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Welcome to the Won Buddhism of Boston temple website! Our temple is an open community to those of any faith looking to cultivate their spirituality and wisdom. Our sangha consists of both lay and ordained members who meet on a weekly basis to practice together.

The Boston temple was first established in Sommervile, MA during the year 2003 by Reverend Sangwon Pack (Chotawonnim) as the head minister and Reverend Hyunoh Kim as the junior minister. Reverend Pack sadly passed away on March 13th, 2015 after which point Reverend Hyunoh became the head minister of the Boston Temple. During the year of 2019, the Boston temple moved from its Sommerville location to a new building in Watertown.

We invite you to join us during our weekly dharma sessions or during our monthly retreats. Regardless of your level, beginner or advanced, or your faith, we welcome you to join our sangha and practice with us!

“Therefore, when people’s intelligence has advanced further and the radiance of the Way and its power shines everywhere, all the religions will form a single household, interfused and harmonizing with one another.”

Chapter 14, verse 13

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This is the right place to study, “Who am I?”


A wonderful place to study the Middle Way and liberate yourself from suffering.


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