Weekly Programs at our Temple

Sunday Calligraphy and Tea (In person only)

Join us on Sunday mornings at the temple from 9:00am – 10:30am with Gregory Steinsieck (Chonjin) for calligraphy and tea sessions. Anyone is welcome!

Sunday Dharma Service

Join us on Sundays from 11:00am – 12:30pm for our regular dharma services. Here, we have both lay and ordained members of our sangha discuss the teachings of our Founding Master Sotaesan as well as other buddhas and sages. Currently, our services are being held in a hybrid format, so you may join in person or online.

Thursday Scripture Study

Join us on Thursday nights from 7:00pm – 8:30pm for our regular weekly scripture study sessions. We chant, meditate, and read the scriptures of past buddhas and sages to develop our wisdom. Currently, we are holding these sessions in a online format.

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